Day 9 - Shravasti - Lucknow

The Shravasti Pilgrimage


The Importance of Shravasti:

Shravasti was one of the six largest cities in India during Lord Buddha's lifetime.

Shravasti is located near the West Rapti River and is closely associated with the life of Lord Buddha, who is believed to have spent 24 Chaturmases (the period of 4 Holy Months starting from July till October) here.

Age-old stupas, majestic viharas and several temples near the village of "Sahet-Mahet" establish Lord Buddha's association with Shravasti.

It is said that of the four Nikayas, 871 suttas are said to have been preached in Shravasti; 844 of which are in , 23 in the Pubbarama, and 4 in the suburbs of Shravasti. These suttas are made up of 6 in the Digha Nikaya, 75 in the Majjhima Nikaya, 736 in the Samyutta Nikaya, and 54 in the Anguttara Nikaya. The Commentaries state that the Buddha spent twenty-five rainy seasons in Shravasti, thus leaving only twenty to be spent elsewhere. Of the 25 rainy seasons which Buddha lived in Shravasti, he spent 19 in the monastery named Jetavana, and 6 in the monastery called Pubbarama. Thus, Shravasti is the place where Buddha lived the longest amount of time, and it is the place where he gave the largest amount of discourses and instructions.

Today a great rampart of earth and brick surrounds this city. During excavation in 'Sahet-Mahe' near Shravasti City, many ancient idols and inscriptions were found. They are now kept in museums at Mathura and Lucknow. At present, the archaeological department of the Indian Government is excavating the site to perform allied research.


After breakfast we will be visiting the following places in Shravasti, The Jetavana Monastery, The Gandhakuti, Lord Buddha's hut in the Jetavana Monastery, The Anandabodhi Tree, Stupa of the Twin Miracle and The Stupa of Angulimal.

After completing our pilgrimage we will have lunch, hotel check-out and transfer to Lucknow for onward journey to Delhi via direct flight. Lucknow is at a distance of 178 Kilometers from Shravasti and it will take us around approximately 4 hours to reach Lucknow.

Upon Arrival in Lucknow the Tour will have dinner and then transferred to the Airport for direct flight to Delhi, which is where the tour would end.

The Places you will see in Shravasti:


The Jetavana Monastery:

was one of the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries or viharas in India. It was the second vihara donated to Gautama Buddha after the Veluvana in Rajgir.


The Gandhakuti:

Location and excavated remains of Lord Buddha's hut in the Jetavana Monastery.


The Anandabodhi Tree:

The second-holiest tree of Buddhism, the Anandabodhi Tree, at the Jetavana Monastery.


Stupa of the Twin Miracle:

The site where the Twin Miracle took place.


The Stupa of Angulimal:

The site where Angulimal the Dacoit who is said to have met the Lord Buddha and converted to Buddhism giving up his violent life as a dacoit and murderer seeking salvation.

Note: We can also arrange airport transfer & stay for you in Delhi at the end of the Tour Day 9, as you will be arriving in Delhi late evening from Lucknow and also organize transfer for you on the next day to the Airport if you would so require.