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9 day tour program

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Tour Begins with 2 people onwards. For best Tour Offers and Rates please contact us via email, phone or submit inquiry form on website, we will offer you customized tour package depending upon your requirements.

Inclusions: Local Station Flight Transfers (Delhi - Varanasi & Lucknow - Delhi) Hotel Stay with Breakfast, Tour Transfers with Toyota Innova or Luxury Mini Air Conditioned Bus, English Speaking Guide, Insurance Cover.

Places you will see: Varanasi : (the eternal city), Sarnath : (Where Lord Buddha gave his first discourse), Bodhgaya : (where Lord Buddha obtained enlightenment), Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali : (important centers of Buddhist Learning), Kushinagar : (the final resting place of Lord Buddha), Lumbini : (Nepal) (the birthplace of Lord Buddha), Shravasti : (Lord Buddha's seat for 8 years)

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9 day buddhist tour itinerary
  • Distance between Varanasi to Bodhgaya - Approximately 255 km / Travel Time: 5 to 6 hrs.
  • Distance between Bodhgaya to Rajgiri - Approximately 70 km / Travel Time: 2 hrs.
  • Distance between Rajgiri to Nalanda - Approximately 33 km / Travel Time: 45 Min
  • Distance between Nalanda to Patna - Travel Time Approximately: 45 Minutes.
  • Distance Between Patna to Vaishali - Travel Time Approximately: 3 hrs.
  • Distance between Vaishali to Kushinagar - Approximately 210 km / Travel Time: 4.30 hrs.
  • Distance between Kushinagar to Lumbini (Nepal) - Approximately 146 km / Travel Time: 4.30 hrs.
  • Distance between Lumbini to Shravasti - Approximately 228 km : Travel Time: 5 hours.
  • Distance between Shravasti to Lucknow - Approximately 178 km / Travel Time: 4 hrs.

The Indian subcontinent is where Buddhism began and later turned into a noteworthy world religion. The Buddhist religion is based on the teachings of Lord Gautama Buddha who was born Siddhartha Gautama, a prince of the Kapilavastu Kingdom. Our 9 Day Buddha tour package will trace the footsteps of the Lord Buddha and take you through all of the important and popular Buddhist spots throughout India & Nepal. It is a real privilege to walk on the steps of the Lord Buddha, born a prince who gave up every extravagance of life seeking edification.

Apart from the complete Buddha Tour Package that we offer we can offer customizes Buddha Tour Packages depending upon your specific requirements, with regards to duration and places you would like to see.

Our Buddhist Tour in India will take you across places like Sarnath, Bodh gaya, Rajgir & Nalanda, Sravasti and Kushinagar, all of which which played crucial roles in the development of Buddhism. Without a doubt, the Buddha Tour is for the exceptional travelers who would want to encounter the best of two worlds in their lifetime.

You can go on the complete 9 Day Buddha Tour, which is the Top Buddhist Tour available in India or customize the Buddha Tour according to your travel requirements. We offer and ensure the best & most comfortable accommodations and transfer services at the most affordable rates.